First Quantum’s takeover of Inmet Mining

Since this is currently public knowledge, I feel more comfortable discussing how the aforementioned event has affected us.

First Quantum, a Vancouver-based mining company bought the shareholders of Inmet Mining, thereby acquiring it in a hostile takeover. Inmet had hired my company, SNC-Lavalin to do EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) work for the greenfield construction of the mining project known as Mina de Cobre Panama. Since First Quantum does their EPCM work in-house, and has claimed that it could complete it quicker and more cheaply than Inmet, they have terminated most of the contract work from SNC-Lavalin. As such, my coworkers and I are in the supposed “closeout” phase of our work in the Mina de Cobre Panama project. Where we are to go next is simply up in the air and is contingent on any other assignments that SNC-Lavalin can find for us, though relocation may be necessary.

As I have mentioned before, I am less perturbed than most by this turn of events. As such, I continue to be hopeful about where I would end up and perhaps that will be a situation better suited to my abilities and inclinations.


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