Some final thoughts on Iceland, or the further refinement on a philosophy of travel

I just returned today from my ~2 weeks in Iceland. I had been looking forward to this trip for quite a while, mostly because it would provide a much needed break from both Toronto and work, something I haven’t had since March 2012. The pictures from this trip are available here

While the vacation itself was nice, and probably something the majority of the population would be more than happy with, I found that it fell short in a couple of distinct areas. Either through conditioning or nature, or a combination thereof, I have come to expect some harshness (arguably, a distinct flavour of sketchiness) in the history and sociopolitical climate of places I truly enjoy visiting. The very definition of a break from routine requires this, and in the past it has been fulfilled in places such as Cambodia (Killing Fields, Angkor Archeological Park), Kashmir (current and past political instability, treacherous drives across the state and 2000 + year long complex and esoteric history) and the Andaman Islands (extensive showcasing of prisoner of war camps, colonial ruins etc.). Iceland had gorgeous sprawling landscapes with a harsh terrain, but I just wish it was more punctuated with stories that can thrill, and to an extent, absolutely terrify, because apparently that’s the kind of thing I look forward to while vacationing. 


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