A storm

Toronto was hit by a big storm last night. 

It was, despite the major overhauls in city infrastructure, a welcome change from the general way I perceive it.

People are probably struggling to get to work and keep their homes and amenities safe and functional. Some people may even be injured or hurt, and I hope they are being taken care of.

That’s alright, we need our environments shaken up a bit once in a while. May be this will help me see Toronto in new light.

I am currently hiding out in my friend’s apartment at Bay and College on the 26th floor. It’s been a while since I have had this view. Waves of calmness continue to wash over me.

Strangely to me, it feels like a forest fire has devoured through various arteries of Toronto, or perhaps a glacier has retreated from atop it. Either way, a certain cleansing has occurred. 

I have limited access to media at the moment, but I will see what else this storm and subsequent flood inspires in me and Toronto.


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