A year ago today, I was in the middle of the first week of employment at that unnamed large Canadian engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) firm that I keep talking about. I was working at a small chemical distributor outside of Toronto before that. The people there were nice, but the most salient aspect of my memory from there was how the commute made me progressively and physically angry as we entered into the mass stretches of office parks and suburbia. 

I had sworn that life would never be for me. Every time I thought about the prospect of buying property in the suburbs and raising family there – it ate away at the core of my soul. I was confused about why it was such an exciting mark of adulthood for the majority of people – even people I admired in other ways.

Don’t get me wrong, though I am very critical of the normative expectations regarding monogamy and marriage and the proper way for folks to ‘nest’ as well as the continued and unsustainable urban sprawl through suburbia, I do not see anything wrong with individuals choosing any one of those things for themselves. I, too, essentially desire some sort of continued stability as such, but I hate the way adult life has been constructed for educated urban individuals to follow. 

This September, I am returning to the University of Toronto for a cornucopia of courses which fall in the intersections of gender, geography and technology. Though I am fairly certain I will not be changing the specific courses, further commentary on each will be discussed as I take them.

I am hoping this drastic change in the course of my life since last year will propel me far out of the proverbial suburbia and its associated mindset that I am so obviously dreading. I am nervous beyond what can be elucidated from this post regarding other issues related to financing and future academic plans, but my gut as of now, thinks this has been a good decision. 


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