There’s too much to do and I’m losing my mind

What I have done in the past month:

  • Returned from Asia to Toronto,
  • Moved within Toronto.
  • Sorted out financial aid/schorlarship bureaucracy.
  • Submitted my final proposal for thesis research.
  • Asked for extension on the submissions for my summer reading courses that involve reading about ~17 books.
  • Completed one paper for one of the two reading courses.
  • Dealt with the hassle and bureaucracy of having to officially register for thesis while you are at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York.
  • Had somewhat of a spike in social activity probably as I moved closer to city centre.
  • Multiple heartbreaks (just kidding, but stress isn’t good for relationships, romantic or otherwise).
  • Corrected my sleep cycle.
  • In the process of weeding myself of SSRIs.
  • Sent inquiries about PhD programs to…oh, I don’t know…20 people?
  • Achieved intermediate proficiency in German.
  • Studied for the GRE.

What I have to do this upcoming week:

  • Submit an annotated bibliography for my thesis.
  • Attend a conference.
  • See some Important People in My Life in group and one-to-one sittings.
  • Write the GREs.

I could really use your blessings and thoughts right now.

See you on the flip side.


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